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Quick and Easy Recipes offers delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes selected by hand.

The 10 top-rated recipes (in popular cookbooks, by magazines and top chefs) are included for:

- Breakfast
- Main Dishes
- Salads
- dinners
- Soups
- Aperitifs

Each recipe is described in three sections: About this Recipe; Ingredients; Instructions; Simple as that. Cooking doesn't have to be complicated and we help you prepare great dishes with simple, low-calorie ingredients.

Quantities are presented in both imperial and metric units, but please note that converting from imperial to metric is not always an exact science, but we've done our best (numbers are slightly rounded up or down).

Let this free application become your simple and portable cookbook with great ideas for preparing quick and easy meals.

Two free PDF e-gifts inside: Simple weight loss recipes and cooking with 3 ingredients or less.

An Internet connection is required to run this application, and since this application is free, we support ourselves by displaying non-intrusive advertisements.


shimon De lange

2020-09-30 02:54:10

Wow, I've been looking for easy recipes for a long time, this recipe application is so clear and easy to follow, it has listed everything, amazing! I am really impressed with this recipe app, thanks to the people behind this app, I really recommend this recipe app, ps. I never leave ...

Tom Helleseth

2020-09-25 12:40:52

I'm sure that everything here is really good, but I need an app where I can grab only the things I like to eat and then give him ideas on what to fix. Can also help me eat healthier. I'm a picky eater, guess a lot of the things I don't like to eat aren't necessarily heaps ...

Rina Rapudo

2020-07-17 01:45:09

Best kitchen application ever. It has the best recipes to feed all your family and friends 💝💝

Bertong Badtrip

2020-07-15 02:35:53

Excellent recipes that I have tried and cooked myself I hope you will create more recipe applications like this one and create a cooking guide for beginners or dummies with pictures or drawings to use as a guide on how to cut, stir, kneel, etc.

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